Riffusion creates customized music from text prompts. Choose from a variety of styles, instruments, modifiers, genres, and sound effects to make unique compositions.


Riffusion is a powerful tool that allows you to generate custom music based on text prompts. With Riffusion, you can experiment with different music styles, instruments, modifiers, and sounds to create unique and personalized compositions. Whether you’re a musician, a content creator, or just looking to explore your creativity, Riffusion is a fun and exciting way to generate original music.

  • Generate music from text prompts with Riffusion
  • Choose your favorite music styles, including jazz, gospel, and more
  • Pick your preferred instruments, such as saxophone or violin
  • Use modifiers to customize your music with Arabic, Jamaican, and other influences
  • Add sound effects like church bells or rain to create atmosphere
  • Combine any of these elements to create unique music with Riffusion