Notion AI

Notion AI brings the limitless power of AI to improve writing and productivity. Work faster, write better, and communicate with confidence.

Starts from $8/month


Notion AI is a tool that brings the limitless power of AI to Notion. It enables users to work faster, write better, and think bigger with features such as automation of tedious tasks, summarization, and language translation.

Introducing Notion AI: Access the Limitless Power of AI Right Inside Notion

  • Work Faster: Automate Tedious Tasks and Analyze Meeting Notes to Generate Next Steps Instantly
  • Summaries: Write a Summary in 30 Seconds, Not 30 Minutes, and Surface What’s Important from Research, Sales Calls, and More
  • Write Better: Communicate with Confidence, Fix Spelling and Grammar with Notion AI
  • Translate: Now You Can Write in Japanese, Spanish, German and More with Notion AI
  • Edit Voice and Tone: Rewrite Your Proposal with the Confidence of a CEO with Notion AI
  • Make Shorter or Longer: When You Need to Get Rid of Some Fluff or Add Some with Notion AI
  • Explain: Technical Jargon, Rewritten for Everyone with Notion AI
  • Use Simpler Language: Reading Your Doc Shouldn’t Require a Dictionary with Notion AI