Moonbeam: AI writing assistant for long form content. Use Wizard to instantly transform notes to paragraphs. Helpful research tool. Money-back guarantee.

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Writing Brilliant Long Form Content Doesn’t Have to Feel Like a Chore: Meet Moonbeam

  • Moonbeam is the only AI writing assistant specifically trained for long form content like articles, essays, stories, and blogs.
  • Moonbeam shines and illuminates your ideas.
  • Use the Wizard to transform your notes into a useful outline and your outline into perfectly written paragraphs instantly.
  • Moonbeam isn’t just a writing tool, but a helpful research tool as well. Quickly research and review concise outlines of new topics.
  • Struggling with structure? Sidestep the slog with Moonbeam.
  • Moonbeam Pro is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. Try it risk-free today!